About Us

Global Business Network (GBN) is a Free Business Listing Directory / Web Portal for the Global Sellers to enlist their Products / Services and a Search Engine plus Sourcing Platform for the Global Buyers to source their required Products / Services from multiple vendors of their choice by utilizing the search filters.
The Global Business Network (GBN) is developed considering the Seller’s and Buyer’s prospective to optimize business transactions between Sellers and Buyers with most simple and user-friendly system.

Seller's Prospective

The Sellers can create Free Account at Global Business Network (GBN) and enlist their products or services with short description, price and picture (whichever applicable).
The system allows the multiple representatives of one Seller to create their own profile, enter their respective products and their contact details.
The Competitive Advantage of Global Business Network (GBN) against existing business listing directories is that the Sellers will receive the Enquiry directly from Buyers together with complete contact details of Buyers and then Sellers will be able to communicate with Buyers directly at provided contact details of Buyers.
There is no subscription fee or lengthy form to be filled by the Sellers to get registered at Global Business Network, it’s very simple and FREE.

Buyer's Prospective

The Buyers can source their required products or services at Global Business Network (GBN) with broader range of filters as per their requirement.
The system allows the Buyers to select multiple Sellers of their choice and submit the Enquiry to all Selected Sellers together with attachment at one Click.
The Competitive Advantage of Global Business Network (GBN) against existing search engines and sourcing platforms is that the Enquiry will be submitted directly to multiple selected Sellers together with complete contact details of the Buyers, in return the Sellers will contact directly to the Buyers. It will not only create healthy competition but will provide the financial benefit to Buyers by purchasing the competitive products as per their requirements.
This process shortens the time of Buyers they spent on sourcing of individual Seller at different search engines or fill out the complexed forms or pay fee just to have Sellers’s information, it’s very simple and FREE.