Terms & Conditions

Following are standard terms and conditions necessary to be reviewed, understood and agreed by the Sellers before proceeding with the Seller Registration / Product Listing at Global Business Network (GBN) and the Buyers before proceeding with Enquiry submission to their Selected Sellers through Global Business Network (GBN):
The services provided by Global Business Network (GBN) at www. globalbusinessnetwork.biz to the Sellers and Buyers are free of cost and there is no subscription fee, no membership fee, no sales commission and not any other hidden charges.
The Sellers are advised to provide the correct and true information while creating the Seller Account / Business Listing at www.globalbusinessnetwork.biz. The legal action can be taken against Sellers by Global Business Network (GBN) in case the information provided by the Sellers at www.globalbusinessnetwork.biz found false.
The Buyers are advised to evaluate the Sellers’ Products / Services as per their own company policies, technical specifications, quality standards and warranty / guarantee before signing the contract or issuance of the purchase orders to the Sellers. The www.globalbusinessnetwork.biz is not responsible in case the Seller’s supplied products or services are not according to the Buyer’s requirement.

Privacy Policy

The contact details provided by the Sellers at the time of creating Seller’s Account at Global Business Network (GBN) are shown publicly except Tel/Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses that are not shown publicly in order to avoid the spammers email to the Sellers.
Once Buyers will use Global Business Network (GBN) for sending their enquires to the selected sellers, the email with complete contact details of Buyers will be received to the Sellers at their registered email address at Global Business Network (GBN).
The contact details provided by the Buyers at the time of submitting their Enquiry from to Selected Sellers through Global Business Network (GBN) are not shown publicly and all details will be sent directly to the Buyer’s selected Sellers in order to make them able to contact the Buyers.